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The Essential Guide To The Uk National Lottery

screenshot of The news about the lottery market in Great Britain often touches upon the state-licensed operator – the UK National Lottery. Thousands of people buy its tickets every month to try their luck and win money. The National Lottery is a reliable provider of gambling services as it is under the control of the country’s government. According to the data provided on its website, more than five thousand people have won millions of pounds with its tickets, almost 36 000 people have got the prizes over £50 000, and fifty-six billion pounds have been paid out to winners. Probably, these figures are the main reason why UK citizens choose the National Lottery. General information about the National UK Lottery Being franchised by the UK government, the National Lottery has established a solid position in the lottery market of Great Britain. Its owner, Camelot Group, received the license for operating within the country’s territory four times: in 1994, 2001, 2007, and 2009. Unlike in many other countries, winnings of the UK Lottery aren’t subject to tax, and winners get their prizes in one payment. As for the revenue, it is almost equally divided between the prize pool and its providers: the Parliament, operator, retailer, etc. It is needless to say that gambling in Europe is strictly controlled. The lottery market in Great Britain isn’t an exception. For example, the National Lottery has set the age limit of sixteen for people who want to buy its tickets. However, not so long ago, the UK Government was considering the initiative of increasing the age to eighteen. Its main aim is to protect young people from negative gambling effects. Speaking about the UK National Lottery, we can’t but mention about its products. Currently, it offers the following games: Lotto; Lotto HotPicks; Thunderball; Set for Life; EuroMillions (besides, here you can read a useful article about EuroMillions’ changes); EuroMillions HotPicks; Scratchcards; Online Instant Wins; UK Millionaire Maker.
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